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Our recommendation for Wooden Drum Roll Packing:


Belts packed in wooden drum rolls are safe from any type of disaster, wear and tear, other damage, and are even safe to carry by surface &road transport, rail, or in container shipments.

We have all the facilities to deliver belts in All Weather-Proof Strong Collared Wooden Drum Rolls, having Strong Center Steel Barrel Hub Dia, with supporting Round Iron Bars to tighten up the Wooden Drum Roll from any eventuality while Loading or in Transit or while Unloading.

Entire Belt Roll is carefully wrapped with the Best Quality Hessian Cloth and then with Tarpaulin Covers, and finally covered with desired Wooden Planks after which the Drum Roll Packing is painted with the desired markings, as required by our buyers.


Our recommendation for Container Shipments:

Belts are carefully wound on Special Center Steel Strong Barrel Hubs having desired thickness as per width to resist all types of jerks during loading, unloading and while in Transit.

Outer surface and sidewalls of belt rolls are carefully protected and finally covered with the Best Quality Imported White Hessian Cloth with double packing, and required markings, before it leaves our works for further stuffing in containers.